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Systemic Advocacy

Systemic Advocacy aims to identify, challenge and change policies, legislation and structures that negatively impact upon people with disabilities.

Systemic Advocacy offers: 

  • Identification of issues that may impact on the rights and opportunities of more than one individual.

  • Promotion of changes to policies and practices of government departments and other services to ensure that people with a disability do not experience discrimination and disadvantage.


  • Action to enhance services offered to people with a disability and their carers and that such services are person-centred.


Systemic Advocacy Program Activities

Most of the systems issues undertaken by Disability Rights Advocacy Service start in its Individual Advocacy Program, as well as other sources.


A systemic approach is taken when an issue affects more than one person. This will ensure that the problem is resolved and that many people who may never access advocacy services benefit from the systemic advocacy action.


DRAS works with people to identify problems that affect many people with a disability. We work strategically to make changes that benefit the entire community.  

We do this by representing our members’ interests on various committees and boards that have the power to change the lives of people with disabilities for the better. We also take up single causes and lobby for change to legislation and policies.


If you believe you know of an issue or policy that creates a barrier or discriminates against people with a disability and/or their families we encourage you to contact DRAS by email or on 8351 9500 so we can work with you to draft a plan for change.


Or you could look out for our regional focus groups (we will post times and dates to Facebook) and our self advocacy community groups (call us on 8351 9500 or 0475 751 131 for details)

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