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DRAS Legal

Disability Rights Advocacy Service Inc

Safeguarding and promoting the legal rights and interests of people with disability.

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DRAS Legal office - 08 7092 1384

DRAS Legal office - 0482 091 615

24/7 Emergency Legal Advice only - 0438 869 881

DRAS Legal Email -

DRAS have identified that there is a gap in the provision of legal services to people with disability, defendants, victims and witnesses, that Disability Rights Advocacy Service, as a provider of services to the disability community, assert we can address. 

The focus of DRAS Legal is to provide an integrated service of advocates and community lawyers, who together deliver a service to individuals ensuring they receive a much broader and holistic response to their legal needs. 

DRAS Legal is a not-for-profit organisation providing legal advice to people with disability on a no fee for service basis.  This service is means and capacity tested, and service is provided on a discretionary case by case basis.



Our lawyers listen to people with a disability and learn from them, so that we can provide legal advice to them to promote and defend their human rights. It means helping people with disability to get a fair go. It means helping people with a disability to enjoy all the things they are entitled to – all the things a person who doesn’t have a disability can access.







NDIS Appeals

Unfair Dismissal

Residential Tenancy



David McGinlay - CEO/Lawyer

Brad Tarbotton – Principal Solicitor/Practice Supervisor

Celeste Watkins - Lawyer

Abi Foulkes – Paralegal

Michael Tarbotton - Client Service Officer



DRAS Legal, through our integrated service with Disability Rights Advocacy Service, are able to support clients through our offices in the Riverland, Mount Gambier and metropolitan Adelaide.




The rights of our clients are the core of our service.

DRAS Legal has been established to help people with disability access legal services to enjoy the rights they are entitled to.

The DRAS Legal Intake and Capability Guidelines are designed to guide the Assessment, Intake, Referral and Response Committee (AIRRC) to provide best-practice enhanced intake and triage services. The AIRRC is a multidisciplinary team who have the role of responding to members of the disability community who contact DRAS Legal seeking legal services. 


The Guidelines build on the DRAS Legal multi-disciplinary trauma-informed person-centred approach – applying this to our assessment of intake and how requests for service are triaged.


These Guidelines are underpinned by the DRAS Legal commitment to making service pathways easier for members of the disability community to access legal assistance, together with our service goal of continuous improvement.


In the event that we are unable to provide ongoing legal advice we will assist you to seek other legal services or assistance who may be better placed to provide service.  

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